Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Beauty & Travelling

Although I travel around a bit (I really don't know how much I travel since it's comparative, isn't it?), I've always thought of this blog as my letters home to family and friends. If strangers stumble upon it, read it, look at pictures, and/or enjoy it, then that's an added bonus. Additionally, I don't really consider myself a food blogger. I started focusing on food to make my dad jealous, lol, but that's a thing of the past since he now struggles to get the internet up and running on his laptop which I assume is a result of his Alzheimer's. I blog to share my experiences, wherever they may be, and help by answering questions if I'm able. So, when the Irish chef found this article and passed it along to me, I couldn't stop myself from reflecting on it here.

Article: http://matadornetwork.com/life/quest-beauty-ruining-travel/

I commend the writer, Hannah Logan, for her courage to go out and travel because it's not as easy as it sounds and it's not as easy as some people make it out to be. Logan's article is quite open about how women's distraction with their appearances is ruining travel for other women. Although she claims that she's not blaming female travellers, she does recount women who disrespect culture or religion by dressing a certain way in locations that request reserved dress. I understand Logan's qualms, but I think the problem is oppression of women (in ALL different realms) and the beauty industry. I think Logan's point about the tourist industry is true, but what about women's magazines that use "exotic" backdrops in photo shoots, pose models with perfect hair, make-up and fashion in these facades? I think the problem is that women feel pressured to look perfect (all the time). That, I feel, is the real issue and Logan doesn't delve into this.

Frequent readers of this little, ol' blog know that I loathe selfie sticks, posing and taking a picture 20 times because someone doesn't like how they look in ANY of the shots, and even worse? Being photographed in the first place. Yes, I want to capture memories and be part of those memories, but I do not need 200 pictures of me, showing my "best side", giving you all duck/suck face (the most unattractive facial construct of all time), tilting my camera down and looking up at it...No. No, no and no. I agree with Logan where she says this mindset is doing women a disservice. Who allowed social media to dictate the definition of beauty? Duck/suck face is sooo unattractive. Can't we instead capture the beauty of the landscape that we've travelled to? We sure as heck have likely spent a pretty penny to get there, so why do women feel the need to prove they looked GORGEOUS while they were there??? Doesn't the beauty go without saying?

I can tell you that my best memories aren't flattering ones. My most embarrassing photos have been, luckily for me, captured on film and developed. If I were in Canada, I'd scan and post them for you since they are worth their weight in laughter!!! :D

Please, ladies, do yourselves a favor and ENJOY the beauty around you when you travel. If your heart and soul are beautiful, then you'll always be gorgeous-at least in my eyes! xo