Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dining in Victoria

I HAD to dedicate at least ONE post to eating in BC. Unfortunately, I lost my phone in the Dubai airport, so I don't have a lot of pictures-I'm sorry :(  The ones I have, however, please enjoy!!!!

Red Fish Blue Fish!!! Go here!!!

 Fish and Chips! I chose the cod and, in my humble opinion, it was the best type of fish on the "fish and chips" menu!!!
 The worst view of Red Fish Blue Fish EVER. Sorry :(  Bad blogger, Mik!
Enjoying our food and looking out into the harbour. Love the doom and gloom weather! *sigh*
The INSANELY DELICIOUS clam chowder. Oh. My. Gosh. Phenomenal!

 Mmmm, MOSI Bakery!!! 
 Super relaxed interior. You can't tell, but this place was PACKED!
 The Irish chef's breakfast :)
 All mine! Scrambled eggs on toast with bruschetta and yummy balsamic dressing!
 The baked goods!!!
 These shots are so dark. I'm sorry!
The pecan butter tart is almost $5!!! BUT, it is SOOO worth it!!! :D

Jam Cafe ( Not my favourite breakfast spot in Victoria. Jam's OK, but eateries like John's Place (, Floyd's Diner ( and The Blue Fox  Cafe ( are much better.

The Irish chef ordered a mimosa and since I was driving, I had coffee :)
 Halloween decorations
 The atmosphere was nice, but like most places, it was overcrowded and super busy!
 The Irish chef's breakfast: Green eggs and ham
My breakfast: Skillet with sausage, eggs, peppers, onions and hash browns.

The Blue Fox Cafe:

 The Irish chef chose the "Chorizo & Eggs"
I couldn't resist the "One Fox Two Fox Red Fox...Blue Fox"

I don't know why I feel that The Blue Fox Cafe is SOOO GOOD, but my taste buds hail this as my top gem! Here's the menu for your perusal:     
I feel like the best places for brunch are on the west coast! Places yet unexplored with the Irish chef included Spoons & Floyd's Diner:   &

Now there is one other place that we frequented for lunch because it was "close to home" and sooo yummy! Baan Thai:   Now, Little Thai Place is also very good, but there's no comparison between the ambiance in the Broadmead location of Baan Thai and that of Little Thai Place off of West Saanich Road. Baan Thai is just so much nicer.

 The Irish chef's cashew & vegetable goodness!
 Mmmm! My red coconut curry with chicken!!!

The other place that was on my radar that I hadn't ever tried was Cold Comfort. Considering we were in BC during the winter months, I knew I was pushing my luck. However, I knew once I saw the site that I had to visit:

 As you walk in and turn left, you see this awesome display of locally-made products :)
 I wish I'd gotten a pint of ice cream, but seriously, I had a cup of ice cream to go (Christmas/fruit cake which was DELICIOUS! I don't even like fruit cake!!!), then got an ice cream sandwich to go. Insert my guilty face here, lol!

 These postcards wall-papered the shop.
 Postcards had actually been returned to the shop. LOVE.
 I loved that she was offering products other than ice cream...Although, let's be honest-the ice cream is really the best item available!
 This woman has AWESOME flavours that she's constantly rotating or adding to :)
LOVE the decor!
 Oh, you don't have to tell me! I'm SO THERE!!!
 Mmmmm! This girl's good!!! She started this small shop all on her own with an ice cream maker: amazing and inspiring!!!

NO post in BC would be complete without a shot of (one of the  many) bubble tea I had in historical Chinatown! How Asian of me!
TARO Bubble Tea!!!

Last shot, I promise! Now, we ate at Med Grill and although it's not my favourite place, I did have VERY GOOD sticky toffee pudding!!! I can't resist sharing good sticky toffee pudding locations. I still stand firm that Dragonfly in (London) Ontario has the best, but Garlic's of London comes in a very close second! Yet, I still had yet to find the best spot for it in BC. I think Med Grill's was the closest I found to be comparable to the sticky toffee pudding at Garlic's!

It really was worth waiting through dinner for!