Monday, 18 January 2016

Kiss and Make-up

What? Blogging about make-up??? Yeah, I know it's not what I usually post about, and wasn't my last post just about being jobless?!? So how do I go from tackling a social issue to something so...Frivolous? Apologies, all. I wanted to blog about something a lot less serious and depressing, so why not make-up?

I love make-up because it's fun to play with. I was never allowed to wear make-up when I was younger. My father was extremely strict and wouldn't let me wear any make-up and my mother never wore make-up, so she didn't approve of me wearing any either. When I was FINALLY able to wear make-up (when I started university), I went all out! Okay, I didn't really go all out. I mainly wore concealer, lipstick and then curled my lashes. Eventually, I was more adventurous and would get heavy-handed when going out! WARNING: This was me many, MANY moons ago before I knew about make-up. It was just me goofing around. Also, apologies for the ridiculous amount of pictures of me. I wanted to just crop eyes, but that seemed a bit creepy, so you get my whole mug.

 Hello MAC's Electric Eel!!! One of my FAVOURITE eye shadows!
Feature: MAC's Satin Taupe. By far one of my favourite shadows of all time!!!
For my good friend's wedding, my sister and I, along with the bride and other friends, went to MAC to have our make-up done. It was completely inappropriate and radical wearing fuchsia eye shadow, but it was AWESOME!
At an interactive, participation showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Calgary with girlfriends!
Blue has to be one of my favourite colours to wear on the eyes. This was a MAC limited colour that I forget the name of :(

You get the point. I used to wear HEAVY eye make-up, lol!

Somewhere in life, I got a job with MAC Cosmetics (and LOVED IT!), and really developed my own collection and style. Now, I'm a bit more reserved and constantly go through my small collection and give products away or chuck them when they get old. I went through my stash before I left for BC. I threw out a lot of stuff and realized that I didn't have much foundation. See, I used to be an eye shadow junkie. Now, I'm a foundation junkie, and I've always been a lipstick junkie. A week or so ago, I finished my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (52 Vanilla) and panicked a bit since the ONLY other foundation I had was MAC's Face and Body (C2) and it was running low as well. I don't wear make-up every day, but I knew I'd need something soon. I went to Sephora looking for samples and tried NARS Sheer Glow (not a fan because I have to MIX shades to get the right colour match), Dior Star Fluid Foundation (in Light Beige. I like it for the days I want less coverage, but due to the hefty price tag, I wouldn't repurchase), and Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place (in Sand). I really like the Double Wear. I mix a drop of oil in it to make it a bit less heavy and also to moisturize my skin (which tends to get VERY dry in the winter). 

Still not 100% happy with what I'd tried, I returned to Sephora and attempted to shade match myself with a colour from Too Faced's Born This Way foundation line. No luck. Then I found the GORGEOUS Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate. However, the store didn't have any stock in my shade. So we tried the Genius Gel SuperCharged OilFree Foundation, but again, they didn't have my shade in stock. Thinking I'd just buy one or the other online, I went home. However, both were sold out online as well. I thought, "This isn't working for a reason." I normally use high end brands for foundation, but I'd had enough.

After watching tons of reviews on YouTube, I started going through all of the drugstore foundations that I'd heard great things about: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Luminous (TERRIBLE! It has small glitter particles in it! Returned it), Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation (Not bad, although extremely high coverage. I think I need to try applying it with a brush instead of my Beauty Blender as it sets very quickly!), L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte (Not as heavy as the Rimmel. I like it. It's a tad bit too dark for me-better summer shade!), and the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation (I LOVE THIS! Colour range is awful and I had to exchange W2 for N3.5), but the product gives a nice, dewy finish. If you have oily skin, you might not like this.

After settling on not one, but three drug store foundations, I was quite happy with what I'd found (P.S. it's NOT cool that L'Oreal is much more expensive than most of the other brands. I'm going on a hiatus for a bit from that brand because it's just ridiculous). If I had to rate them in order of how I like them, then it'd look a little something like this:

#1-L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation (N3.5)
#2-L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation (105 Natural Beige)
#3-Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation (103 True Ivory)

Then, Christmas rolled around and I got the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (120/Y245 Soft Sand)! What??? I was spoiled for choice. I love it, too!!!

New year, new foundation!


  1. Have you tried Mac's waterweight foundation? I tested it out in the store and it feels amazing! I went home empty handed as I feel I'm in between shades. Imagine that, especially since MAC has so many shade options. I felt that NC42 was a tad light, but I guess I can make it work. NC 44 was too orange, though the makeup artist kept convincing me that it was my ideal shade. I reckon I looked like an oompa loompa :P

    Yes, L'Oreal is a bit too overpriced considering its a drug store brand. Sigh, everything in Kuwait is overpriced though. But I still love their true match foundation.

    Have you tried Une? They have a very light liquid foundation marketed as a bronzer. It doesn't have that much coverage, but oh is it easy to slap on when I'm running late! I guess I'm more of a tinted moisturizer girl type of girl for the every day and love this.

  2. Sorry, I'm spamming your blog here. I need to try the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. Does the sponge inside get a little grungy after a while though?

  3. Hey Layla!!! How are you, girl???

    I haven't tried MAC's Waterweight Foundation yet. I clearly NEED to though! Yeah, it sucks when I'm in between shades there, too. Usually I run between NC15-NC25 depending on which line of foundation I'm using. Nothing worse than being orange, lol!!! I haven't tried Une, although I should have when I was in Kuwait because their make-up looked GORGEOUS! I love lightweight coverage, too, usually! I love Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Jart's BB creams. They're both gorgeous, although Dr. Jart's comes in only ONE shade-ugh!

    Peter Thomas Roth:

    Dr. Jart:

    You're not spamming my blog! I enjoy the feedback and communication!!! The sponge is a bit unappealing, BUT it's actually is an amazing applicator, so I need to figure out how to clean it :( My main fear is that if I wash it, I'll ruin it. That being said, there's not much product in the compact, so the likelihood is that you could use it up before the sponge has a chance to get really bad. Although I love it, I won't be repurchasing it because it's sooo expensive (around $20 here, so over 6kd). I know Kuwait's overpriced anyway, but in Canada, that's not cool.

  4. I'm almost at the end of my Une foundation, ahem bronzer so will try out the new L'Oreal one. Thanks for that! Oh, I'm sure it'll be closer to 8KD over here sadly. I've never heard of the Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Jart's BB creams. I wonder if the Sephora here stocks them. Need to check it out. Thank you for that! I kind of live in a rut makeup wise and its normally either bought from Boots or Mac.

    Oh, Une has amazing lipsticks. They have a tinted balm sort of texture. You know, the type of lipsticks that you can swipe on in the dark and it still looks gorgeous? Really natural tones. I can't get enough of them. :-)

    1. Nooo, problem! I'm going to check out Une when I travel to Oman!!! Hopefully they have it there! They carried it in Japan because I remember seeing it when I worked there oh, so long ago, lol!

      Sephora in Canada definitely stocks Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Jart, so hopefully it will there as well :) Oh, how I remember browsing Sephora in Kuwait and thinking, of all of the places in the world where Sephora should be massive, this is it! I always wanted to somehow connect women with the make-up brands they couldn't get their hands on, but what a task that would be!!!

  5. Heey! I was just wondering where did you get the loreal lumi cushion foundation from in Kuwait?

  6. Heey! I was just wondering where did you get the loreal lumi cushion foundation from in Kuwait?

    1. Hi Sarah! I bought the L'oreal lumi cushion foundation in Canada, not Kuwait :( I'm sorry!