Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Georgia Part III: Wandering

Since this is my last post dedicated to Georgia (it's sad, I know!), I thought I would skip the writing and simply show you the streets that we wandered, the food we ate and the sights we saw :)  I know I've already stated this, but it's worth mentioning again: Georgia is absolutely stunning! The selfish person in me doesn't want to keep singing the country's praises because I'm not a fan of going places jam-packed with tourists, and Georgia is clearly STILL a hidden gem, but to not tell fellow travellers about this place would be a sin. So here they are, the last haul of photos from Georgia:

 The molding was so intricate and impressive!
 SUPER comfy seating
 Juice and sweets and chatting with the Georgian lady!
 It was a great place full of mismatched decor that you'd most likely find in my grandmother's home :)
LOVE the cobblestone streets! The architecture has European overtones.
So alive!
I really love the architecture!

Europe meets the southern USA

Georgian dancers at the park entrance

We NEEDED coffee (^ - ^ )
Such a gorgeous and quiet hideaway!
 Our farewell dinner and mixed emotions (happy being with amazing friends and having homemade Georgian food, but sad to be saying good-bye!).

A sweet ending to an AMAZING journey!

To the our Georgian friends, thank you a million times over for taking care of us and showing us your beautiful country. Your knowledge was impressive, your devotion endearing (and clearly Georgia is a country worthy of being proud of!), and your kindness truly appreciated. We still haven't stopped telling everyone we know how incredible the trip was and we encourage them all to visit!!!