Monday, 1 June 2015

Go With Your Gut

Aloha everyone! I like to pretend that using a Hawaiian greeting will help channel beautifully warm and sunny Hawaiian weather and lighten up this gloomy place! It was gorgeous for a few days and we even hit 30 degrees mid-May! Sadly, it was gone all too soon and it's been cool (cold for me, hahaha!), and rainy of late. A few thunderstorms took the heat and humidity down a few notches, and then down a few more and then down even more. *sigh*

To combat our rainy blues, we went bike shopping for my sister and my dad and maybe decided not to take ourselves so seriously and take our love for Hello Kitty WAAAAAAY more seriously than people our age should:

Well, come on! I couldn't let her have ALL the fun!!!
How to get EVERYONE in Wal-Mart to laugh, I mean look, at you!
I hope this reflects me NOT taking everything so seriously...Seriously though, I may have wanted to buy this helmet. 

The rain and cooler weather didn't dampen my mood too much! Getting sick did though, LOL! I don't know exactly what has caused my gut to not be happy with life, but beginning about four months before we left Kuwait last year, I just kept getting sick. I thought it was food poisoning as I was constantly cramping up and vomiting (sorry!). However, when my AMAZING colleague from Texas suggest I take Probiotics (pill form) to get my gut healthy, I thought it couldn't hurt. It worked amazingly and why I didn't continue taking them when I got back to Canada is beyond me. I can't believe this, but I'd actually forgotten I'd even taken them. Reasonable? I only ended up taking them for about a month and a half, and when I returned to Canada, I assumed my gut would be happy to be home...Not so :(     Soooo, I've now gotten (vegan) Probiotics again-YAY!!! Eating dinner this evening was an amazing experience!

As I've been tuning into what how my body is changing, I've made some changes-major and minor. All have been easy decisions, but my heart is so sad. I'm not going to consume dairy products (excluding butter and eggs), for awhile as I haven't been reacting well to them :(  I am also going to consume less sugar (I already do, but even less now), and less protein from meat, fish and seafood until I can find an AMAZING butcher who sells non-farm raised fish and seafood, grass fed beef and free-range chicken free of steroids, antibiotics and hormones and unnecessary additives, like water. Soooo, as I start to make these small (Small my bu%$!!!) changes, I hope I'm doing what's right for my gut ;)

This is was I was eating PRE-Probiotics:

 My AWESOME students (brother and sister) bought me a Chunky Monkey cupcake from Hey Cupcake
 This was delicious, but so sweet that my dad had to help me finish it, not that he minded :)
 I bought these for me and my friend: Raspberry Ripple is on the left and L'il Princess (strawberry flavoured) is on the right!
PLEASE SUPPORT Local Businesses!!!
 After family dinner one HOT and HUMID Sunday, we went for Dairy Queen!!!
After shopping at the NEW Farm Boy (Wonderland Rd. beside Rona), I had been hopeful about these key lime tarts!!! They were OK, but nothing to write home about...Sadly, that's my impression about Farm Boy in general, not to mention OVERPRICED. Skip it and head over to Remark instead :)  (
Homemade Japanese/Asian-themed dinner at my friend's home!!! Fried (brown) rice and spring rolls!
 Ebi (shrimp) tempura and salad with sesame dressing
 Homemade temaki sushi!!!
Stir-fried veggies!!!
Look at that beauty! Salmon glazed and topped three different ways!

Post my NEW dairy-free attempt at life, hahaha!

This stuff is DELICIOUS! I tried it once while I was in Seattle and I LOVED it!!!

Okay, so I'm still struggling in this area, lol! I've switched to a soy creamer for my coffee. Realistically, coffee cream and ice cream are the only places I really feel that cutting out dairy is tough. Instead of using yoghurt in my smoothies, I use coconut water or pure fruit juice :)

In spite of my not-so-hot gut feelings, a new little one came into my life at the end of May and he couldn't have come at a better time! I had just recovered and was well enough to spend time with mommy, daddy AND baby! I'm delighted to report that EVERYONE (including two older brothers and an older sister waiting at home) is well and oh, so happy to welcome this new baby boy into the world!

The little guy at just ONE DAY OLD!!! Weighing in at 6 pounds, he is the tiniest thing! Look at my GIANT fingers compared to him!!! 
 I wasn't feeling super great (or looking great either, LOL!), but meeting him made my day!!!
Someone wasn't satisfied that my knuckle wasn't providing any milk..."Um, MOMMY!!" At least he wasn't like other babies who automatically go to your boobie assuming there's milk there! That's happened to me and I was like, "Sorry, baby! That's NEVER going to happen!" Ha! 
This little guy's cries were barely audible! Ohhh, CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!

One Small Act

What does it feel like to give to others? Amazing.

As I collected my tea and paid for the order behind me in the drive-through at Tim Horton's, I felt like I should really be doing this more often. Unfortunately, I'm not a regular at Tim Horton's. So as I completed my first-and definitely easiest-act of kindness, I wondered what I'd committed to. Treating someone to coffee was simple enough, but doing more? What could I possibly do?? I mean, who am I?!? No one. No one of significance. Mik, you can't dwell on that point! LOL!!!

So, on I went tackling, what I realized was, one of the most daunting challenges I've undertaken, I set to work talking to people and asking their advice. ALL advice was good-although there was very little of it. Some suggestions, I knew, were going to be much more difficult to complete due to, for example, time constraints and the level of difficulty (based on the improbability of my input making any difference). Stop thinking negatively, Mik, and move forward! Aye, Aye, Captain!

I recently completed my second act of kindness: donate money to charitable organizations! I'll alternate donating between the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) of Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF). I will be the donor to the WWF, but I am asking my friends and relatives to nominate someone for me to donate on behalf of for the CBCF.

Now onto my third act of kindess: volunteering! My sister and I submitted our volunteer applications to the Alzheimer Society!!!

What other plans are in the works, you ask? Well, I'm going to take a little breather and try to organize what I've got on my plate thus far. Don't you fret! I'm constantly brainstorming and have two fantastic ideas!!! Once I've fine tuned the ideas, I'll post about them-promise!

Please, Please, PLEASE don't hesitate to comment and give suggestions! They are most welcome!!!

"No one is useless in this world, who lightens the burden of it for any one else" -Charles Dickens