Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Way I Was

To any devoted readers,

Please accept this as a sincere apology for losing touch with who I was-as a writer-when I began this humble blog. Once upon a time I prided myself on my comic relief and on not taking anything too seriously. Somehow things have changed in such a manner that I feel like I don't know how to laugh at myself...Although if you saw my previous post you may highly doubt that, lol!

Moving back to Canada, trying to reinsert myself back in my hometown and struggling (there's been so much struggle) with some life changes, has dampened my spirit and if I dragged you through it then I'm so sorry. Tonight, with a tall glass of wine (that's all but empty!), I can say with clarity that I'm going to laugh more and not take it all so seriously.

This is me not taking it all so seriously:

I may have stolen/picked/got (circle one, hehehe!) the lilacs on my morning walk in the rain. This is me enjoying my Saturday night of the long weekend. It's a long weekend to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, or what Canadians fondly call May 2-4 weekend ;)  What Mik??? You want to be alone...With books...On a SATURDAY night?!? Heck yeah, 'caus that's how I roll!!!

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