Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Way I Was

To any devoted readers,

Please accept this as a sincere apology for losing touch with who I was-as a writer-when I began this humble blog. Once upon a time I prided myself on my comic relief and on not taking anything too seriously. Somehow things have changed in such a manner that I feel like I don't know how to laugh at myself...Although if you saw my previous post you may highly doubt that, lol!

Moving back to Canada, trying to reinsert myself back in my hometown and struggling (there's been so much struggle) with some life changes, has dampened my spirit and if I dragged you through it then I'm so sorry. Tonight, with a tall glass of wine (that's all but empty!), I can say with clarity that I'm going to laugh more and not take it all so seriously.

This is me not taking it all so seriously:

I may have stolen/picked/got (circle one, hehehe!) the lilacs on my morning walk in the rain. This is me enjoying my Saturday night of the long weekend. It's a long weekend to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, or what Canadians fondly call May 2-4 weekend ;)  What Mik??? You want to be alone...With books...On a SATURDAY night?!? Heck yeah, 'caus that's how I roll!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Showers!

After the Irish chef left, the apartment was quiet. My father only returned from Japan two days ago, and so I enjoyed living on my own again-temporarily...And I DO love it-I'm not going to lie! Although I was alone, I definitely wasn't lonely! I was pretty busy! Between working and socializing, I managed to squeeze in a dress fitting in Mississauga, two bridal showers (one in Toronto and one in London), a few birthdays and even hosted a baby shower for a good friend of mine!

Now, I scoured London's bridal shops for a designer who offered various styles in a colour my bestie would LOVE, not just LIKE. You name the place and I went there: Sophie's (there was an incredible woman who helped me, but I can't remember her name. The other employee was terribly rude), Nicholas & Elizabeth (a spot I once strongly disliked, but LOVED this time around!), Petrov's...Again, lol! I hit up Garber's and also Ballett's and both had very good customer service, but not great dresses :(   I tried on quite a few dresses...Okay, not a few, but A LOT, lol! I even recruited help one night because I needed pictures to send to the bride in Toronto. Ah, Mik, never a bride, or a bridesmaid, for that matter. I love my best friend, but after this, the only wedding I'll ever take part in like this is my sister's. This wedding in Greece has only served to remind why I think weddings are a big fat waste of money and an even bigger joke being played on the bride and groom. Seriously. It's ONE day. My horror and pain is YOUR gain. "What do you mean, Mik?" Well, without further ado, YOUR laugh for the day (below):

Almost falling off the pedestal here because I was stepping ON the hem of the dress. GOOD JOB, Mik!
I don't like red on me, but doing this shopping proved that it's not as HIDEOUS on me as I thought. Yay!
Okay, I saw this colour and cringed, BUT once it was on I thought, "Well, at least we'd be different!" and it is fitting for a wedding IN Greece.
 UGH! Honestly, with some dresses I was thinking, "Are these purposely meant to look awful on people?"
 Meanwhile, back at Petrov's I was trying on Donna Morgan dresses to see if the blue in the line was eye-catching...It wasn't...Look down below at the last pic and you'll see what I was aiming to find.
 What? You're taking pictures of me IN the change room?!? Ok.
Maybe not too impressed, but this was the first "official" day we tried on dresses and it was not a happy day for me, lol! Look at that scowl! Hahahaha!
This was the colour we had to beat...I mean find again in a different designer...Don't ask. Let's just say we found it in Mississauga at a fantastic shop there. This colour (shockingly) made me  STOP and do a WOAH face!

Okay, so you can stop laughing now, or not. You can now laugh at how tough it was to get through not just one, but TWO bridal showers, lol!

Bridal Shower #1-Toronto:

 The view is stunning and the weather was perfect!
 The spread, shot #1, savory
 The spread, shot #2, sweet
 A great idea for all of those who wanted to create memories and/or pose with the bride-to-be!
 We MAY have played with the props...A lot, lol!
 I wish I had gotten more photos of others to put up because they were GREAT!!!
 I was ecstatic to put an 'x' through the "You have your ex's # saved on your phone." Why would anyone want that?
 Thank you gifts to guests
 White tulips are one of my favourite flowers. Spring has FINALLY arrived!
The Bride and her party goofing around at the photo booth :)

Bridal Shower #2-London:

 I was a bit busier at this shower as I was put to work and so I didn't get a shot of the FULL spread :(  BUT, I did manage to eat about 10 dolmades!!! HOMEMADE by my bestie's mom! DELICIOUS!!!
 GREEK dessert! Heck yeah!!! Maybe I took a full plate home. Don't judge! I took them for my dad...And me ;)
 The part of contributing I could NOT partake in, hahahaha!!!
 Woah, presents! Those weren't even ALL of them!
 Someone decided my job should be to make some kind of STUPID and ridiculous hat that would embarrass my bestie. I do NOT like that idea and admit that I may have been a bit ticked off at the whole idea. Yeah, let's make her look like an idiot because that's what friends do.
 NO ONE had bows on their gifts, so I eventually had to stand because of the long ribbons I was working with. Still not one bit impressed. P.S. I'm not creative. I even look like I'm struggling here.
 Toasting in English AND Greek
 The Bride-to-be with her future mother-in-law :)
 Oh, yeah. LOOK at that monstrosity.
My masterpiece. Poor woman. I felt like a jerk.

Between the bridal showers, I threw a baby shower. Because women weren't wearing hijabs I didn't take many photos.

Baby Shower (London):

 Baby onesie making station
 Letters to baby
 I found this idea on Pintrest and LOVED it!
 My letter to baby!
 My sis made this one!
 He'll be the youngest of four kiddles!!!
 My onesie!!!
 AFTER: we all signed it :)
 Cupcakes and popcorn...Nothing healthy here, folks!
I felt like a kid all over again making "sprinkle" cupcakes which my sister iced with baby blue frosting and decorated with edible pearl sprinkles! Unfortunately, I was SOOO busy hosting that I completely forgot to take a picture of the food I'd made :(  Sorry, everyone! How am I STILL forgetting after all these years of blogging, predominantly, about food?!? Seriously. I'm a horrible blogger!!

OKAY. I've subjected you to some terrifying images, so I apologize and I'll stop now. It's definitely not a Mik thing, but just because I'm not a fan of these kinds of things doesn't mean everyone else in my life feels the same...Clearly, LOL! That being said, I do love a good party!