Friday, 8 November 2013

Nights to Remember

What do you do when you're no longer inspired to write? Perhaps it's a weather-changing funk I'm in, but I feel....Out of it. I haven't blogged for weeks. Even worse, I haven't even missed it. What's happened to me, the girl who never shuts up??? The girl who has difficulty ENDING a piece of writing?!? Let's hope she's returned!

Missing Thanksgiving again this year was easier and difficult; I missed my family and yet missing autumn wasn't something that occupied my mind, as it had last year. I was off from work for 9 days because of Eid Al-Adha and had planned to go to Sri Lanka...It didn't happen. It was my good fortune though. I spent the week with the Irish chef, the Georgian lady, the Texan and the Texan's co-worker, D. I loved the conversation! D was born in Kuwait but is actually from Iraq (for some reason I may have this info incorrect...Her family MIGHT be from Iran...Yikes! Sorry, D!!!). While people at the table had different views, even opposing ones, the beauty of being mature was that we actually LISTENED to each other and had healthy debates!

The week was full of socializing: I met up with another Irish teacher from the university, the Irish journalist, his wife and their adorable baby boy. The Irish chef and Georgian lady were also in attendance (as you can tell, they didn't travel either, lol!). Coffee was had. Breakfast was had. FUN was had. I may have been stuck in Kuwait, but I sure as heck didn't let it stop me from going out, and going out I did! I kept myself surrounded by amazing people, and the 9 days flew by!

 The Irish chef, the Georgian lady, the Texan and his co-worker, D and I all went to Organica Fish & Chips in Jabriya. This is the last location still open in Kuwait :(
On the flip side, the food was AWESOME-as always!
 The Irish chef recommended the ice cream covered in espresso, so the Georgian lady and I had to test it out. Our opinions? GO AND TRY IT OUT! It was heavenly! We got it at Segafredo in Al Koot.
 The beautiful weather on the patio in Al Koot during Eid (October 2013).
Signor Sassi, an Italian restaurant in 360ยบ Mall that the Georgian lady and I tried out.
Pasta AND pizza! Delicious!!! I swear I'm part Italian :)
 I don't know what these women were meant to be, but they were beautiful and walking around on stilts.
 All of the kids were enthralled and enchanted!

Although the vacation was over all too soon, I had an event to look forward to: The Coronation Festival at the British Embassy. I was able to snag some tickets for me, the Irish chef and the Texan. I kept thinking, well, Canada WAS a British colony, AND my grandmother had a British background. A few of my co-workers also went; it was a night to remember! The line-up at the security gate was looooooong! I don't think I've seen that many English people in Kuwait at one time :)  We got our drink (alcoholic) tickets and headed inside the grounds for a much needed drink. I relaxed with rum (although the red wine was very tempting). I couldn't believe my eyes: alcohol (a lot of it!), different ethnic groups (a lot of them-including Kuwaitis!) and people dancing on grass-people DANCING on grass! The property was very nice, lit up with lights around the perimeter. The company was the best part of my evening. I laughed. I was relaxed. I almost forgot I was in Kuwait. It was awesome! Unfortunately, no cameras (or mobiles) were allowed, so I didn't get any pics of the evening :(  

My ticket into the PAR-TAY!

I love how many holidays people are given in Kuwait! After a nine-day holiday for Eid, we had another holiday just this past week because it was Al-hijri, the Islamic New Year. The Irish chef went to Dubai. What did I do? Ahhh, sweet nothing! Alright, that's not entirely true, lol! I hung out with a former student and we'd planned to see a movie, but he got a little....lost. I couldn't blame him since a.) he's Saudi and lives in Saudi Arabia and b) his GPS was extremely difficult to navigate-even in English. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "But Mik, you're a NATIVE English speaker!" What can I say? I'm definitely NOT tech savvy! Anyhooo, by the time we arrived at the movie theatre, the movie (Gravity) had already started. We were laughing pretty hard at the fact and decided to go and eat at Mais Alghanim on Gulf Street. We got some interesting looks from the locals-mostly raised eyebrows and what looked like surprise. Poor guy. After dinner we headed to 7 Bars, a shisha joint just behind Marina Mall. Since the weather is still pretty warm, we sat out on the top deck patio. I decided to try the shisha here once. You know, when in Rome...It was an interesting evening since my student is a much more liberal person than I took him for. He wants positive changes for his country-even for himself. It felt refreshing. Who knows what he'll end up doing with his life, but I wish him the best :)  Definitely a nice night out!
 The view from the outside during daylight (photo credit:
The view from the patio at night. Nice ambiance. (photo credit:
 View from the patio #2 (photo credit:

I ended my holiday on a high note: breakfast with the Georgian lady at Paul in Al Koot and spending the rest of the day with the Irish chef, just chillaxing! It was much easier to unwind knowing that my father's surgery went well and he's recovering without any problems-phew! I'll try to blog more, try to fall in love with writing again and do my best to keep my family and friends updated. Although-let's be honest-with an average of 4 hits from Canadians per week, I'm clearly not attracting my family...Or friends, hahaha!