Friday, 10 May 2013

No, Neil Sedaka, Breaking Up Is[n't Always] Hard To Do

This post is definitely aimed at my fellow Canucks in Ontario. For many, MANY years, I have been a Rogers (Communications-Canada) customer. Like any relationship, it has had its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I'm always happy I've stuck around. However, Rogers is really starting to tick me off. So, how do I get out of this bad relationship? I really want to cancel my contract with them when I'm back in Canada this July (YES! I'll be back in Canada from the middle of July until the middle of August!). However, if I do that, which I would really like to do, I have to face the consequences: starting from scratch with a new cell phone provider. Considering the options in Canada, I'm not looking forward to doing this. With Telus, Rogers, Kodo and Bell ALL suckering us into contracts I'm becoming more interested in hearing what Wind has to offer....Of course the real questions are 1.) When will I return back to Canada permanently to use my phone? 2.) If I cancel my contract how the heck am I going to use my phone while I'm on vacation in Canada? 3.) Will Wind be a reliable company to use? As far as I know, they only offer service to SOME places in Ontario...That's just not enough to entice me. 4.) Should I look into using a small, obscure company that will have lower prices, but not have the reliability of services (like the bigger companies do)? Why, oh why is it SO darn difficult to align myself with a GOOD, RELIABLE cell phone service provider that isn't going to charge me an arm and a leg each month? ANY suggestions or feedback people have on this topic are very welcome!!!

Sorry to rant, but you'd think that Canada's large cell phone provider would be better at offering support. It's like when automated voice instruction was unleashed. How many times did I hear my mother first clearly state into the phone, "Accounts," a few times before getting so frustrated she'd yell, "ACCOUNTS! I said ACCOUNTS, not DEVICES!!!" Automated voice direction is one of the worst moves corporations have made (all, of course, to cut costs....only really annoying customers). It's inefficient, frustrating and it makes the idea of being loyal to companies like Rogers extremely unappealing. My Greek bestie has been with Wind for years and she seems to like it (I've never heard her complain about them, but of course that doesn't mean it's amazing). What to do? Honestly, breaking-up with Rogers (after more than a decade of being their customer) doesn't seem like a hard thing to do. That's not how a break-up after over ten years should feel. So, Rogers, if you're not going to give me any other option of communication EXCEPT the phone and live chat (online), when I'm outside of Canada, I can tell you that you're not offering good customer service and that, for me, isn't worth the trouble. In July when I return to Canada, I will make a final decision. I hope to not be singing Neil Sedaka at that point, but rather Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.

On the flip side, things in Kuwait continue to go well. I LOVE my job!


  1. LOL - They are all the same. It has taken me over two weeks to get the phones sorted out in Canada. I have a new cell number let me know if you don't have it. UGG is all I can say. Bell tech ripped wires out of the house then tried to charge me to fix it then said OHHH so sorry you aren't with Bell so I won't fix it. Primus said I should pay them to fix it and wouldn't go to bat bla bla bla.. they are all cut from the same cloth. Want you to pay them don't want to provide a service in return....

  2. Leah: You're right (unfortunate, isn't it). I don't think I have your new cell phone number...I'll try to message you using WhatsApp to know for sure, lol! I'm going to have a nice little chat with Rogers when I get home and then once my contract is up I'm going to have to make a decision about which povider to go with. Truthfully, I think the whole fiasco bothers me so much because I'd rather ditch the phone altogether, but it's my connection to everyone in Canada :)