Saturday, 24 November 2012

Part 2 of 2: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough...Popcorn!

The fun didn’t end with the laughter at work! My family friend in the Canadian military was in Kuwait this week, too! She was only in town for a few short days, but we met up on both Wednesday and Thursday and had such a nice time. I wondered if it would feel surreal seeing her here. When I came to Kuwait in June for the job interview and saw Habibi it felt like we were in a parallel universe...Or not…Maybe it was just that I was so excited to see him? Whatever it was, it was odd to see him in a completely different environment, in a different world, really, especially one that I knew nothing about and one that he was familiar with. It actually didn’t feel the same way with my friend from Canada. In fact, we have met up in Ontario, B.C., the U.S. and now Kuwait. She has been travelling on a military ship in the Middle East and is headed to Oman next. After work I met her and her co-workers at Hard Rock Café in Salmiya. It was a gorgeous night out and I was really excited to see my friend, but the ride from the university to the restaurant was enough to make me NOT want to go to dinner since the last time I had been in Salmiya I had enjoyed an amazing evening with Habibi. As I made my way into the restaurant, any discomfort dissipated and I, at least for a few minutes, forgot about my ex. A dessert consisting of mini strawberry cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter pie made me feel better, lol! My friend picked at them…I devoured them, lol! Her co-workers gave me their impressions about Kuwait and asked me about it and my experience. It felt sooo good to be around Canadians!!! I felt a surge of pride and silently gave thanks again for being blessed to come from a country with so many great people! Yes, Canada has many problems. Yes, Steven Harper is one of those, lol, but it has a lot to offer. I felt something that resembled calmness and feeling safe. It was awesome!

Mini strawberry cheesecake and chocolate peanut butter pie (the better of the two) @ Hard Rock Cafe in Salmiya 

After dinner my friend and I quickly popped into the Sultan Centre (a grocery store). I was in heaven since the products there are SO MUCH BETTER than the food available at the Sultan Centre in Al Koot! I found tofu, edamame and the most delicious tea!!! I also found black licorice and an O’Henry chocolate bar. Ironically, my friend had asked me if I wanted anything from Canada before her departure and I had asked for an O’Henry chocolate bar and for some rubbing alcohol (yes, that’s right. You can’t find it anywhere here!). Unfortunately, I replied to email too late, so she was unable to get me the O’Henry bar. However, she DID get me a whole whack-load of alcohol wipes and black licorice babies-yum!!! After we shopped, I dropped my friend off at her hotel and went home.

Thursday evening after work I headed to The Avenues to meet my friend again. My friend loves to shop! We met in front of IKEA and immediately got coffee…Yes, it had been a loooong teaching day for me, so I needed a pick-me-up. While we sipped on coffee/tea we talked more about my family, her future (she recently got engaged), and Kuwait. We people-watched because it’s always interesting to people-watch in a foreign country. Then, after her failed attempts to use the wifi there and my quick shopping trip to American Eagle (my sister will be so happy that I have FINALLY bought my own sweatshirt so I won’t steal hers!), we went to the new phase of the mall. It was nice…A little too much to take in, although half of it is still either under construction or the stores haven’t opened yet. Anyhow, we DID find Coach, and more importantly, Garrett Popcorn, the Chicago-based popcorn company. Uh oh. Popcorn. Mik AND popcorn. Uh oh. My friend was so good and only got herself a small bag of caramel corn with almonds. Me? Oh, there was absolutely NO restraint happening. I DO restrain myself when it comes to certain things…Like dieting. In addition, I can easily restrain myself from chocolate. I can also restrain myself from McDonalds-that’s a very easy one, but popcorn? Nope. No way. I bought a small bag of butter popcorn AND another small bag of their signature “Chicago Mix” which is a mixture of cheese and caramel popcorn…Yeah, I’m not a fan of combining the two, so I just pick at them separately. As my thighs can tell you, those bags aren’t small at all! The “small” at Garrett (Popcorn), is the equivalent of a medium at Kernels Popcorn or popcorn from the movie theatre.

 The famous "Chicago Mix" although...I think it's clear that I prefer the cheese flavour to the caramel, lol!
Yes, of course I took pictures. Mmmm, popcorn!!! Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

My friend had transportation provided for her from the mall to the ship, so I saw her off, waved ‘good-bye’ and headed home at 11:30pm. Yes, shopping IS the nightlife here, lol!
Yesterday, I went for a jog, cleaned, did laundry and also some research. I made a yummy curry soup for dinner and watched a movie with the Irish chef. Today, I went for a jog (it was a lot easier jogging today-I think I’m getting used to the running!), did some work, cleaned, made TWO HUGE batches of pancakes (I finished up the apple & cinnamon batter and the pumpkin walnut one as well), had brunch with my flatmate and then read a bit. Not too shabby! On the agenda this week: The students’ second exam…And then marking. Time is a-flyin`!

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