Thursday, 25 October 2012

Feel the Love (

I was responding to some comments made on the blog this morning and saw that this obscure compilation of musings has been viewed over 1200 times. TWELVE HUNDRED TIMES. That's probably nothing in the blogging world, but to me that's a lot! I'm sure most hits are people who have searched the web for something more interesting and, sadly, gotten suckered into reading my babbling. To those people, I apologize. It's like reading a story that begins in medias res. It's not always palatable either. As my sister says, "I make no pretense of being normal. I'm not". I'm not normal. I'm weird. I can only imagine what complete strangers think when they read this, hahaha! It's interesting because those who have viewed the blog are from all over the world-even in countries I've never heard of (hangs her head in shame and embarrassment)! I still think that it's mind-blowing that anyone with access to the internet can read what I've written! No, I'm not aiming for celebrity status here, but there's something so incredible about knowing that there are people hundreds of thousands of kilometres away who are sharing this experience with me. I know it's corny, but I'm going to say it anyway: I don't feel alone knowing that there are people out there who are keeping up with me (Keep Up With Me-Late Night Alumni: Thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone!

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages, sit back and relax as I go back to posting about food. Yes, MORE food!

The Irish chef has wanted to try out a little hidden breakfast spot by his apartment in Fintas called The Breakfast Club (yes, like the movie: It was a nice treat since we went before work on Wednesday (our last day of work before the long holiday weekend for Eid Al-Adha). I really need to remember to take my camera with me when I go out! I didn't have it, so I could NOT snap photos of my appetizing breakfast wrap with spicy guacamole and fries. It was sooo good! They have risotto on the menu, too (one of my all-time favourite foods in the world!), so this restaurant could potentially be a regularly frequented spot! I definitely think the quaint atmosphere, incredible customer service and amazing food are worth the slightly higher prices. In addition, their coffee was divine. For a second, I almost felt like I was drinking a steaming cup of bean wash in Seattle (USA) from Stumptown, Caffe Vita or Victrola (All Saints-Black Coffee: Oh, Seattle, do you know that you have so much that I hold close to my heart?

On a side note, I have been craving black licorice. As I've gotten older, I've discovered how much of my mother's oddities that I've inherited: a love for anise/black licorice, jujubes and anything resembling a potato chip/cheesy. Somehow, while my Polish flatmate and I were looking for a grocery store that a friend has recommended we walked straight into a cute little pastry shop that sells cupcakes, cakes and cake pops. The pastry shop, named Crumbs, is a tiny little cubicle that holds enticing goodies. We resisted and went to buy healthy food. While we were shopping, my flatmate discovered black licorice hard candies! I was in heaven!!! I wonder if it's that I'm missing all the delights of the Halloween season or that I miss my mother...Or worse: both. I may have survived my first visit to Crumbs, but today I was heading over to the Irish chef's place for lunch with him, the Serbian gentleman and lady and knew that showing up empty-handed just wouldn't do. I didn't stand a chance against Crumbs. So we're even:  Crumbs-1, Mik-1. I bought a red velvet cupcake, a chocolate cupcake, a brownie cupcake and a pumpkin tart. YES, you read that correctly! A PUMPKIN tart!!! It wasn't all that I was hoping it would be, but it was decent! The pumpkin flavour was weak, but the sweet was something more reminiscent of a dessert that I'd find in Japan (more so than Kuwait). It wasn't too sweet, nor was it too heavy; all the flavours complimented each other. Thankfully, I only bought ONE. We ate our sweets after we devoured shrimp curry with brown rice. The shrimp were HUGE and ohhh, soooo yummy! How succulent the seafood is here!

 The flyer that Crumbs hands out to make you want to go back over and over and over again!
Top Row from Left to Right: Oreo Balls, German Cake Bites and Chocolate Delights (like Turkish Delights?). Middle Row: Red Velvet Balls, Sticky Toffee Bites and Cupcake Pops. Bottom Row: Oatmeal Raspberry Cookies and Chocolate Cake Balls...No Schweddy Balls though. Too bad (If you don't know what I'm referring to, go to YouTube and look up Saturday Night Live and Schweddy Balls). 

Although the food in Kuwait is delicious, I've figured out that there's something missing. It doesn't have anything to do with the food, but rather with the company. Don't get me wrong, my friends are wonderful meal companions, but I miss going out with my partner. When you eat food with your partner, well, food simply is MORE delicious, especially if your partner loves food as much as you do! I need another foody (noun: food-lover) in my life. Think I can put an ad out for that, not a romantic partner, of course, but rather an eating companion who loooooves food as much as I do? Does such a person exist??? Hahaha! That may be taking my romanticized food sentiments a bit too far, eh?

As the weekend unfolds, I will have to do chores: take my work clothes to the dry cleaners, get my cell phone back from Abbas (he had his friend take to Dubai and see if it could be unlocked there-stupid phone has travelled more of the Gulf than I have!), do my budget, clean the apartment, grocery shop, blaaaaaaah! However, I simply want to relax with my friends and get some reading time in as well. I think that a picnic, a visit to the Souq, Salmiya and Marina Mall ( have been planned all in the hopes of relaxing and enjoying the experience of living in Kuwait. It is home for now, after all (Brian McKnight-Home: It has flaws...Many flaws, but there are so many incredible things about this foreign world that are so similar to and yet so different from the Japanese life(style) that I so dearly miss. I promise to try and be more like my Asian counterparts and keep my camera on-hand at all times for more photo opportunities!


  1. It is very interesting to observe how many western menu's you encounter in Kuwait or is it that we have come to accept the international cuisine in Canada as our own culture. I am also fascinated in how many menu's you have posted that are in English. Is this just because you are in an expat neighborhood or is all over Kuwait?
    Keep up the food posts and reviews. You are satisfying my urge to pig out! Enjoy you little holiday.

  2. Leah: Well, I think a lot of the cuisine leans towards appealing to Americans and Kuwaitis. As for the English, well Kuwait has a very large population of expats including Americans, Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Georgians, Greeks, British as well as other Middle Eastern nationalities, such as Egyptian, Lebanese and Iranian/Persian (I'm positive there are others that I'm not even aware of). Most businesses have Arabic AND English wording/signs, I think to appeal to more clientele. I live in an expat-heavy area, but there are expats all over Kuwait.

  3. Leah,
    check this article out: